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Our Team

Chef Bala

Culinary Director
Chef Balachandran Suppiah has more than 25 years experience in cooking and instruction. Chef Bala was Principal Western Chef for the Sultan of Brunei at Istana Nurul Iman, Brunei for 8 years. He has worked in many hotels in Malaysia and Australia most recently as Executive Sous Chef in Ipoh. He was team instructor training apprentices and kitchen staff at the exclusive Cumberland Lorne Resort, Victoria, Australia. Chef Bala holds a Sowers Training Certificate in Management and a Stamford College Certificate in Hotel and Catering Management. He started his cooking career in 1988 and by 1999 he was a lecturer at College Damansara Utama in Penang. He also has a Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) qualification in Culinary (Level 2 & 3) and Vocational Training Officer (VTO). Chef Bala is appointed as Panel NOSS, PPL-SKDN, PAJAR, PPL-PLV and also PPL by Pusat Latihan Pengajar & Kemahiran Lanjutan (CIAST).

Chef Fatin Farah Syazana Md Noor

Head of Academics
Ms Fatin hails from a village in Kelantan and excelled in the culinary arts specializing in Food Science. She has more than 5 years teaching and training experience and teaches Malaysian food preparation in practical sessions, menu development, fruit and vegetable carving and inventory purchasing control. She is passionate about teaching and imparting her knowledge in Food Science into developing new dishes. She coached the winning student in The Prime Ministers Gold Hand Award and she is herself a skilled competitor. Ms Fatin has catered for VIPs at weddings. She has completed SKM Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. She also has a certificate in VTO (Vocational Training Officer) Besides being an attendant in NOSS and WIM Training Course, she is experienced in guiding students in preparing their portfolios.

Chef Safwan

Chef Instructor
Mohamad Safwan has around 13 th years experience about food and hotel industry including academic
studies. He has completed and obtained this certificate in Hotel & Catering from Kolej Komuniti
Chenderoh which is a Government College. Mohamad Safwan brings a wealth of experience and talent to the kitchen. His passion is contemporary Western Cuisine
Mohamad Safwan completed his apprenticeship (Demi Chef) at the Bistro Restaurant in Impiana
Casuarina Hotel Ipoh from 2008 to 2012. Early 2013 he worked as a Chef De Partie under the supervision of Chef Abdelhak Bourenane at Pomelo Restaurant in the Banjaran Hot Spring & Retreat Ipoh (Sunway Group) . In 2014, He worked Impiana Hotel Ipoh as Sous Chef and was in charge and responsible for the Coffee House & Bistro Outlet under Chef Volkmar (Germany Cuisine) then moved to the Japanese Restaurant under celebrity chef Mikel Koh (Japanese Cuisine), he also won The Best Cuisine in Ipoh by Trip Advisor Magazine in 2014 during my charge at The Bistro.
He was Head Chef for the Gomok Café Sage Food in 2015. He bought shares into the Sage Food Café and now C0-Owner Sage Food Café in Ipoh.
He participated in the Halal Penang Challenge 2017 (Silver Medal) & ICHEF
Putrajaya – 6 Continents 2017 (Bronze Medal). Currently he works as our Chef Instructor for practical

Chef Fariz

Principal Chef
With over 17 years’ experience as a Chef in Malaysia, working in some of the best hotels and rising steadily to become Sous Chef and Chef de Cuisine of the Weil Hotel, Ipoh between 2014-17. He mastered international as well as Asian Cuisine; he had the distinction of being part of the opening team of two major hotels, the One World Hotel in Bandar Utama, PJ in 2007 and the Weil Hotel in Ipoh in 2014. After graduating from Kolej Antarabangsa Genting in 1998, he started as a Commis 2 at Resorts Word Hotel Genting and has gone to work with other top hotels such as the Sheraton Imperial and Best Western and spent 3 years at the fine dining restaurant of the Royal Lake Club KL.

Our Masterchefs

Chef Sharuhasan Ramu

Chef Sharuhasan Ramu
Chef Ramu is a Gold Medal prize-winning chef trained in Malaysia. He was awarded “Most Outstanding Live CookingChef” in the Battle of the Chefs, Penang, 2014.
He is currently Executive Chef of the Coliseum Café and Grill Group and before that was Executive Chef for the Sam’s Groceria chain, responsible for menu development and chef training.



Chef Volkmar Ertel

Chef Ertel is a highly experienced Executive Chef who has opened and operated restaurants for prime hotels throughout Asia, the Middle East and Egypt.
He is a master of many cuisines and is a visiting “Celebrity Chef” for hotels in Asia. He loves to teach and can cover Mediterranean and European cuisine as well as local.



Chef Kenny Lim

Chef Kenny Lim, Malaysian, specializes in international cuisine, and his Italian dishes at his Ristorante Italia Mia in Ipohwere highly regarded for their quality and authenticity.
He cooked at Hard Rock Café in KL and later in Penang. He has also been executive chef for several major hotels in Ipoh region.




Chef Issa Ramadan Al Chabo

Chef Al Chabo, Syrian, is a specialist in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. He received classical French and Arabictraining and he ran kitchens in the Middle East for international hotel chains such as Pullman.
He was Executive Chef for two years for AlRawsha Restaurant, a 1800 seat Arabic restaurant in KL.



Chef Pearly Kee

Chef Kee, Malaysian, is 5th generation Nyonya and is a popular food ambassador for PenangNyonya food. In addition to publishing several books on her Nyonya cuisine and receipes, Pearly conducts cooking classes. She is a regular panelist on international cooking shows.




Chef Bervin Denver de Zilva

Chef Zilva, Sri Lankan, is a specialist in selecting and preparing sushi-grade tuna for sushi and sashimi. Having startedas a fish grader in the fishing ports of Sri Lanka, Chef Bervin became a sushi and sashimi chef working with Japanese companies in Sri Lanka and becoming a recognised sushi chef in his own right.



Chef Stephen Tryon

Chef Tryon, Australian, was a professional chef in UK before moving to Australia. While in Australia, Chef Stephen recognizedthe opportunities for vocational skills education and, together with Chef Scott Merrick, founded Culinary Solutions Australia as a Registered Training Organization.




Chef Joao Melo

Chef Melo, Portugese, is an international traveler with a love for all cuisine and especially his national dishes, drawn from Europe,Africa and East Asia. He currently operates DR.Inc, an unusual café and bistro in Bangsar, KL featuring a mix of Asian and international dishes.




Chef Litha

Malaysian with Thai parentage and is executive chef of Healey Mac’s restaurant in Ipoh. Although classically trainedin international cuisine, Chef Litha loves to prepare authentic Thai dishes.





Chef Mazmin Shariff

Founder of ‘The Gourmet Whisk’, has been baking and cooking for more than 30 years.
She started picking up skills from her mother, who was also a home baker and cook. In 2005, she started her ownhome-based business, doing cakes, cookies and catering. She also began to teach at her own kitchen and her friend’s baking ingredients shop in Dungun, Terengganu.
Realizing that she had more interest and passion in baking and sweet desserts. She also obtainedher sugar flowers and wedding cake certificate from the ICCA. She also took classes on Korean buttercream taught by a Korean buttercream expert, GGcakraft.
While traveling to Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia, accompanying her husband in business trips, shetook that chance to enroll in baking and cooking classes there, particularly on Vietnamese desserts and dishes, Indonesian cookies, and Australian fruit pies.